TECHNOLOGICAL CYCLE in the sausage shop “MiniSausage”

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Raw meat stored in a refrigerator is separated from the bones on a table specially designed for this purpose. Then, already cleaned meat (carcass) enters the machine for coarse grinding and to the cutter for final grinding.
Mixing of the processed meat with spices and seasonings is carried out in a bath with a stirrer, after which the mixture enters the vacuum filling machine.
The finished sausage, depending on the processing technology used, enters the cooking and smoking chamber.
Storage of finished products is carried out in refrigerated cabinets.
The icemaker for layered ice, which is equipped with our mobile plant, makes it possible to increase the range and quality of sausages produced.
There are 4 workplaces in the mini-sausage.
Mobile sausage shops are an original development that asserts its effectiveness.

Additional modules of the sausage shop:
• Refrigerating unit – monoblock for a refrigerating chamber with computer control – 2.5 kW;
• Heating radiator – 2.5 kW;
• Air conditioning – 6 kW;
• Exhaust fan with cover – 40W;
• Trolleys for the smoking chamber – 2 pieces;
• A complete set of professional knives, sharpening tools and a rack for them;
• Spare set of knives and grids for the meat grinder;
• Spare set of cutter knives;
• Professional vessels for the production of sausages – 10 pcs.;
• Polyamide and collagen casings for three-month production;
• Work clothes for staff;
• Spare parts for machines.

To start the block-container mini-factory “MiniSausage” you need to supply power – 200/380V 50 Hz.
Power with simultaneous operation of all machines – 62kW.
The cross section of the power supply wire is at least 10mm2.
To remove waste water, the collector outlet is connected to the sewer network.
With the help of a coupling, at the base of the right wall, the van is connected to a source of drinking water.
To assemble the container, you need to pick up a flat horizontal platform.
Concrete blocks are cast with dimensions of 500 * 250 * 250 mm.
The sausage shop is installed on concrete blocks, on the specified reference points.
Container leveling is mandatory.