Smoking cabins

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The technological process is controlled by a microprocessor based on a given program. If necessary, you can create your own programs and store them in the processor’s memory. The possibility of manual control is provided. The display informs about all set values ​​and about all current indicators. The circulation system ensures uniform distribution of temperature and air-smoke mixture throughout the entire volume of the chamber, as a result, it guarantees uniform temperature distribution inside the product and obtaining a uniform smoking color throughout the chamber, which allows achieving the desired effect.

Smoke generator
Smoke arises from smoldering wood chips (chips), which are automatically transported from the smoke generator hopper. Ignition of chips (chips) is provided by an electric heating element on a special grate. The process of feeding and igniting chips (chips) is controlled by a microprocessor.



Cab typeOverall dimensions, mm
length, mmwidth, mmheight, mm
  1 trolley10841400 2500
  2 trolleys211414002500
  3 trolleys314414002500
  4 trolleys423814002500

Frame 1000 х 1100 х 1900мм