Rotary kilns

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Rotary ovens use two functions at once: convection and rotation. Rotary ovens provide high quality baking of bread, rolls, muffins, shortcakes, biscuits, biscuits, cakes, croissants, etc. The latest technology for developing heat in the chamber, compared to classic models, allows more steam to be supplied to the baking chamber. This enables economical and uniform baking. In the new system, steam is generated in profiles that are inside the oven and supply each hearth sheet with the right amount of steam. The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel, a private alloy with an endurance of more than 1000 degrees of heat. The burners are located on the sides of the oven, so they fit easily into narrow spaces. Lighting is installed on the oven cabin door. Lamps can be easily changed from the outside. It is recommended to use softened water in ovens.