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The pre-proofer is designed to relieve tension in the dough piece after rounding, which can significantly improve the appearance and quality of products, and save time and space. With the help of the tambour for feeding the dough, the dough from the rounding machine enters the machine for holding. Removable and movable plastic nets. Thanks to perfect timing, each part of the test falls into the right cell at the right time. After one revolution, the dough moves to the next cell using the positive transition method.

It is possible to install a conveyor for issuing dough both ‘to the right’ and ‘to the left’. Cells are made of easily cleaned hygienic material. Stainless steel body. The glass door allows you to observe the process of aging the dough. The equipment can be moved thanks to wheels. The control panel is equipped with a safety system against electrical failures. Work silently and without vibration. Economical electricity consumption. Easy cleaning and detailing.
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1. Speed ​​controller