Processed cheese production

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Processed cheese melters

Frequency converters for agitators and knives;
The mechanism of rise-descent and turn on 45` horizontally with the electric drive;
Vacuum machine:
– centrifugal type vacuum pump;
– vacuum regulator;
– control vacuum gauge;
Control unit with process automation.


  Capacity, L150300
  Worked volume, L100 220
  Dimenssions, mm970x940x16501230x1190x1800
  Power, кW2.105.48
  Product yieldDu 65Du 80


Smoking cabins

Universal smoking cabin is designed for smoking (hot, cold), drying and heat treatment of food products. The entire heat treatment process is automated. The control module allows you to set up to 99 processes for the production of cheese, processed cheese, fish, sausage and meat products. In order to reduce losses during smoking and cooking of the product, a certain humidity is set on the automatic control system.

  The circulation system ensures uniform distribution of temperature and air-smoke mixture throughout the chamber volume, as a result, it guarantees uniform temperature distribution inside the product and obtaining a uniform smoking color throughout the chamber, which allows achieving the maximum desired effect.

Smoking cabinе specifications:

Cabine TypeDimenssions, mm
length, mmwidth, mmheight, mm
  1 cart10841400 2500
  2 carts211414002500
  3 carts314414002500
  4 carts423814002500