Minishop for the production of sausages

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Mini plant “MINIKOLBASNITSA” is designed for the production of various assortments of boiled and smoked sausages.
The productivity of the mini-sausage shop for one work shift is 500-800 kg of sausage.
Its complete autonomy and adaptability of machines and structures to quick installation make it the preferred mini-enterprise.
Meat processing machines are equipped with digital program control, are not difficult to operate and make it possible to maintain constant work cycles, obtaining batches of each type of product of the same quality. Electronic equipment and measuring devices allow for accurate dosing of components and maintaining the optimal mode of operation and control of incoming raw materials and final product.
All machines, connecting units, building materials and tools meet the high requirements of European standards and sanitary and hygienic standards.
The sausage shop can be equipped with a diesel generator and can work in a place where there is no electricity.

The mini plant consists of two main parts:

– Refrigerator for storing raw meat;
– Production room, where all the machines and structures necessary for one complete technological cycle are installed.
Based on the requirements of today’s market, we also offer other types of meat processing plants, depending on the end product, the desire of our customers and the relevant standards of the country for which they are intended. There are no problems in relation to the amount of processed meat and the type of packaging for the finished product. We only fold pre-assembled mechanisms at the request of the client, like a children’s Lego game.

A few hours after the delivery of the module and in the shortest possible time, we are able to build a whole plant from scratch.
All machines and mechanisms are mounted and tested at the manufacturing plant, in the production workshop, transported and after a few hours of installation can work as intended.
All modules and mounted structures allow you to work in different climatic conditions.
They work equally well in the Kazakh steppes, in the Ferghana Valley and in the Far North.
The container is built from heat-resistant Somaterm panels. Each module is delivered with a built-in air conditioner and a heating radiator, which allows you to work equally comfortably in summer and winter.


Now you can put a mini sausage shop right on the market. The buyer observes the complete technological process from carcass cutting to sausage smoking. The consumer trusts because he himself always sees a fresh and natural product.