Mini CIP sink

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 Purpose: for washing process equipment, pipelines, tanks, fermenters, heat exchangers and packaging machines.

Ideal as a local shop wash in large enterprises.

 Material: All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 304 SB. The seals are made of EPDM rubber.

Principle of operation:

CIP cleaning of equipment connected to the unit is carried out by circulating pre-prepared cleaning solutions (alkali, acid), chemical disinfectant and rinsing, after each cycle, with water to drain. After circulation, the washing solution is sent back to the installation tank for reuse in the next washing cycle.

Heating:         Tube/plate heat exchangers are used to heat each solution in the plant. The heat carrier can be hot water. Also, hot water can be changed to steam (3-3.5 atm).


The washing time in the used recipe can be changed directly during operation – if necessary.

It is possible to use different recipes for washing various pipelines and tanks, where you can exclude acid from the washing cycle or simply disinfect only. Also, in different recipes, it is possible to set different concentrations of washing solutions, increase or decrease the washing time.

Maintaining the set temperature, time and concentration modes, according to the recipe selected by the Operator, is carried out automatically using a logic controller.


For the convenience of control, the Operator is constantly informed of the time remaining until the end of the wash.

During the operation of the installation, visualization occurs on a color contact screen, which displays the status of all actuators, sensor readings and describes each step of the washing process in text form.

Accidents:    If there is no coolant or washing solution concentrate, the washing process becomes PAUSE, and the Operator is informed by a sound and light signal, as well as a text notification, about the reason for the stop. After the breakdown is eliminated, it is possible to continue the washing process from the point where the process was stopped or, if necessary, reset the entire algorithm and start the washing process again.

Preparation for work:

The process of preparation of working solutions of detergents is recommended to be carried out at the beginning of the work shift. Otherwise, the first wash cycle will be long.

Washing solutions:

For dosing concentrates of washing solutions and disinfectants, special membrane pumps are used, made of materials resistant to aggressive media. The collection of concentrated solutions by pumps is carried out directly from canisters, which the Customer purchases from organizations specialized in this area.

Concentration control:

To control the degree of concentration of cleaning solutions and sort liquids, as well as to prepare working cleaning solutions, the unit uses a JUMO CTI-750 concentration sensor with temperature compensation of the measured value.


The level control in the tanks is carried out by vibration-type level sensors, which are insensitive to foam formations of cleaning solutions, such as alkali, and allow to exclude the discharge of a part of the alkali solution into the sewer, thus preventing the loss of cleaning solutions, and reducing the period of preparation of a new solution.


The installation is accompanied by detailed Instructions for the Operator and Instructions for the instrumentation fitter.

Washing work CIP

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