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This is one of the types of membrane filtration, where the mechanism of separation of components occurs according to the diameter of the particles, the size of which lies in the range of 10-50µm. The pressure allows particles of salt, sugar, some proteins to pass through the pores of the membranes, and retain bacteria, fat globules, particles of large proteins, such as large casein micelles. The working pressure of the process is 0.01-0.5 MPa.
The microfiltration unit effectively removes impurities and harmful microorganisms from the brine in a stream while maintaining the chemical balance of the brine. Compared to other methods of saline treatment, this method is the most competitive due to the fact that dead cells are removed, while during pasteurization they are only killed. Moreover, the use of the unit eliminates “black spots” on the surface of the cheese, “bloom”, mold, etc. The need for brine pasteurization disappears.

Main application of microfiltration
Mineral water, juices, wine, non-alcoholic beer, milk, whey, salt brine:
• Removal of bacteria, molds, spores and yeasts;
• Fractionation of proteins, for example in milk;
• Degreasing whey, milk, for the production of protein concentrates.