Meat grinders

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The shredders are highly efficient and fully meet the requirements of the modern consumer. Two speeds and a set of cutting tools enable rational processing of different types of meat. The cutting set consists of gratings with holes of different diameters: a “kidney” grating, gratings 13 mm, 8 mm, 5 mm, 3 mm, and two knives with replaceable blades.

MCM 114-2 Two speed and MCM 130-2 Two speed + Cutting set


ModelDimensions, mmLattice diameter, mmPerfor-mance, kg/hThe working volume of the loading bucket, LAuger speed,
min -1, min.
Auger speed,
min -1, max.
Voltage, VPower, kWtWeight, kg
МСМ 114-2920х660х1080114800/120050190380220/380,
50 Гц
МСМ 130-21060х760х1310130900/1600100185380220/380,
50 Гц