Means for treating the udder after milking tm LAKTUSYA

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External hygiene of the udder of dairy cattle on livestock and dairy farms.
Concentrated, hygienic, film-forming

Intended use:For external use after each milking to prevent mastitis and bacteria
into the canal.
How it works:moisturizes the skin, creates a barrier film that protects against dirt and bacteria. Has repellent properties.
Effective against: E.coli, S.aureus, S.uberis, A.brasiliensis, C.albicans
Ingredients: Lactic acid, benzyl alcohol, glycerin, film-forming agents, allantoin and coconut oil as skin care preparations.
Release form: green liquid.
Benefits: allantoin and coconut oil prevent cracking, redness, skin irritation,
promote healing. Glycerin moisturizes the skin, providing a comfortable condition for the animal.
The LAKTUSYA agent paints the udder teat in a bright green color, which allows you to visually control the quality of processing and
reduces the consumption of funds, eliminating the error in dosage.
Completely ready to use. For professional use only.