Homemade cottage cheese

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How to make cottage cheese at home.

Pour 1-3 liters of milk into a container (we recommend using homemade milk), bring to a boil and cool to 36-38 ° C. High temperature is detrimental to bacteria – do not introduce the starter culture into milk with a temperature above 40 ° C! Then pour this milk into a thermos, yogurt maker or saucepan, add 1 package of starter culture and mix until completely dissolved. Leave for 6 – 8 hours. In the case of cooking cottage cheese in a saucepan, it must be wrapped to maintain the temperature.

The milk mixture obtained as a result of fermentation is heated in a water bath at 60-65 ° C (a saucepan with a mixture in a saucepan with water). As soon as the mixture has reached this temperature, remove both pans from the heat and, without disassembling the baths, leave for 30-40 minutes. After that, we put the mixture in a “cold bath” for 10-20 minutes – curd flakes should form on top, and whey should separate from below. We hang the product in gauze until the desired consistency is reached.

It is possible to use additives: sugar, jam, pureed berries, honey, etc.
Cool the finished cottage cheese and store in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.
Very important: an indispensable condition for a high-quality product is the maximum cleanliness of all dishes (pots, thermos, spoons, etc.). Recall that the sourdough does not contain, in addition to lactic acid bacteria, any(!) additional impurities, no other microorganisms.

You can order in the online store https://yogurtlive.com.ua/