Fertilizer spreaders

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EVO SPREADER fertilizer spreaders are a series of machines designed to work in the most difficult field conditions. Thanks to the use of a single axle and large “tractor wheels”, the EVO SPREADER proved itself in difficult conditions. The EVO SPREADER is designed to spread both manure and lime and chicken manure. A special ejection system with two vertical shafts spreads manure up to 18 meters, depending on its type and structure.

A big advantage of the machine is the removable adapter. After mounting the bulk extensions, we get a transport trailer.

Additionally, you can use a replaceable adapter designed for bulk material, which ensures its wide spread.

EVO SPREADER manure spreaders were designed and built by a group of engineers, designers and mechanics from the town of Szroda Wielkopolska, where Alima-Bis is based. The company’s products combine a great experience of personnel and constant dialogue with our customers in order to create the best solutions.

Our machines use only the best quality components produced by world famous manufacturers.


load capacity (kg)900010000110001200014000
capacity (m3)10,511,412,613,315,7
Atotal leight (mm)69507550695075508150
Btotal height (mm)28002800350035003100
Cloading edge height (mm)19001900220022002250
total width (mm)26502650287028703100
tires460/85 R34460/85 R34460/85 R38520/70 R38580/70 R38
curb weight (kg)42004500475050505950
electricity demand (KM)90100100110120