Фермент промышленный

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It has a high activity of 1:750000 units. and the properties of pure chymosin, has a pronounced splitting effect on kappa-casein, which leads to good clot formation.

The maximum coagulating effect helps to achieve high product quality and optimum yield.

The enzyme acts equally stably in milk with high and low acidity.

When cheese ripens, the enzyme does not form bitterness.


The milk-clotting enzyme is a preparation of microbiological origin and obtained from special strains of Micor Pusillus Lindt;
The coagulation activity of the drug is 750,000 Mu/g.


Dry highly concentrated milk-clotting preparation is intended for milk coagulation in the production of cheeses and cottage cheese (acid-rennet method);
Feta-type cheese;
European hard cheeses.

Bacterial Purity

The total number of microorganisms Esch. Coli Coliforms Pathogenic staphylococci Salmonella Mycotoxins Antibioticsless than 10 cfu/absent at 25 g absent at 0.1 g absent absent at 25 g absent


The milk-clotting preparation is produced in a hermetically sealed plastic container. Each packaging unit of the drug is marked with: Mu/g coagulation activity, expiration date, storage conditions.


Storage of the drug is carried out at a temperature of 2 to 8 ° C, for 2 years.