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Liquid milk-clotting enzyme “Renin” – Sourdough is used for making cheese and feta cheese at home.
The basis of the milk-clotting enzyme of sourdough includes:
Water, salt 15%, microbial protease (M.miehei 1%)
Liquid milk-clotting enzyme Renin is an enzyme of microbial origin, which distinguishes it favorably from rennet enzymes of animal origin, this, first of all, affects the taste of the product.

The shelf life of the milk-clotting enzyme for the preparation of feta cheese and cheese is 2 years.

A 100g glass bottle of enzyme is designed for 150 liters of milk, one teaspoon is enough for 5 liters of milk. The yield of finished products – feta cheese from 5 liters on average 1 kg – 1.3 kg of feta cheese, depending on the fat content of milk.

Brynza is a fermented milk product that is considered the healthiest cheese. Calcium preserved after milk processing is absorbed much better than from cottage cheese, therefore cheese and cheese are useful during the growth period of a child for the proper formation of teeth, calcium is important for bone tissue. Homemade cheese is recommended for pregnant, lactating women, as well as the elderly.

“Interesting about Brynza”
Every year in Transcarpathia, in the city of Rakhiv, the festival “Hutsul Cheese” is held. Hutsuls are very kind to this product. The tradition has been around for several centuries. Folk music sounds in the city, stalls appear on the streets where you can try different varieties of goat and sheep cheese.

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