Dough mixers

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Automatic spiral kneading machines for kneading dough, with a retractable bowl, knead the dough in the shortest possible time. The special shape of the spiral allows you to knead even a small amount of dough. The kneading takes place without breaks, tension and stress for the dough. One of the most important technical characteristics of this dough mixer is the retractable bowl. This specification allows the use of an additional bowl.
– Economical electricity consumption.
– Dezha and kneading bodies — from stainless steel.
– With the gear drive system, the bowl rotates stably and ensures that the dough is mixed at a uniform speed.
– Has a thermo indicator that shows the temperature of the dough
– The kneading time can be adjusted as desired
– Work silently and without vibration.
– The machine is mobile and there is a fixing device for fixing.
– There is an emergency stop on the machine and an emergency switch on the lid of the bowl.
– Works in manual and automatic modes, at two speeds.
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