Dairy mini-plant

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Dairy mini plant is designed for acceptance, primary processing, processing and bottling from 500 to 10000 kg of milk with the production of whole milk and fermented milk products, cottage cheese and cheeses:
• normalized pasteurized milk;
• butter, pasteurized cream, sour cream;
• kefir;
• fermented baked milk;
• curdled milk;
• yogurt;
• bifidoproducts;
• soft and semi-soft cheeses and cheese;
• cottage cheese, etc.

Complete set of dairy mini plant:
1. Cooler for milk V=1000 l.
2. Buffer tank 100 l;
3.Pasteurization plant for milk 1000 l/h;
4. Separator cream separator;
5. Homogenizer;
6. Reservoir for cream with a cooling jacket V=100 l;
7. Yogurt fermentation tank V=500 l;
8. Centrifugal pump;
9. Automatic packaging machine for yogurt in cups;
10. Boxes for fermented milk products;
11.Refrigerating chamber;
12. Stainless steel table.

The container module is insulated and equipped with ventilation, air conditioning, heating, hot water supply systems, technological equipment and consumables.
Each modular dairy mini plant can additionally be equipped with laboratories, utility rooms, a boiler and compressor room, an ice water generator and other options.
The designs of modular mini workshops are optimized in terms of overall dimensions, therefore they are transported on a truck platform.
There is a prospect of expanding production (expanding the range, increasing the volume of processing), by adding additional modules to the existing ones.
Universal modular complexes are designed for the middle link of the agro-industrial complex – farmers, agricultural enterprises, subsidiary farms, areas with low milk production, etc.