Cup for disinfection of udder teats (DIP-CUP)

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Dipping glass

Purpose: to fill the product for external use after each milking in order to prevent mastitis and prevent bacteria from entering the teat canal.

The bottle is made of soft, durable plastic. A valve is built into the bottom of the glass to block the return of liquid.

Operating principle:

squeeze the liquid from the accumulator into a glass;
dip each nipple in turn into the liquid.

DIP-CUP for processing the udder of cows after milking.

-Disassemble the DIP-CUP and make sure it is clean and dry. Fill the lower reservoir of the HP cup AFTER MILKING to 3/4 of the part;
– Collect the DIP-CUP and squeeze the lower tank until the HP AFTER MILKING enters its upper bowl;
– Treat the animal’s nipples by dipping each into the bowl of a DIP-CUP. The depth of treatment should not exceed 50% of the teat height. Within 15-20 minutes after treatment, the animal should not lie down on the bedding. To achieve this, the treatment process can be combined with feeding;
– DIP-CUP, periodically, should be subject to washing and disinfection.