Circulation washing system (CIP washing)

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CIP centralized washing station

designed for cleaning in place, thermal and chemical disinfection of process equipment, tanks and pipelines in a closed system.

Complete set of CIP washing station:

• Tank (with insulation) for alkaline solution, volume from 1000 l to 10000 l;
• Tank (with insulation) for acid solution, volume from 1000 l to 10000 l;
• Tank for disinfectant solution, volume from 1000 l to 10000 l;
• Reservoir for washing water, volume from 1000 l to 10000 l.

Tank set:

– Luke;
– Temperature sensor
– Level sensor;
– Concentration sensor;
– Valves for supplying, draining solutions (pneumatic, manual);

• Tanks for concentrates, volume from 100 l to 1000 l;
• Pumps for dosing concentrates;
• Pumps for pumping solutions along circuits from 15m3/h to 50m3/h;
• Distribution panels with valves and sensors;
• Solution heating system:

– Shell-and-tube heat exchanger (plate);
– Steam pneumatic valves;
– Automated control system with visualization and archiving of all processes.

Cleaning in place CIP is carried out by circulating water and cleaning solution inside the object.
The process of heating water and washing solution is carried out using a plate (shell-and-tube) heat exchanger during circulation inside the module – using a buffer tank with a volume of 200 liters for circulation, which saves energy, detergents and reduces the time of preparatory operations of the washing algorithm.
After circulation, the solution is sent back to the tank for storing the working cleaning solution, so that it can then be reused in the following washing cycles.
The water from the alkaline or acid wash is sent to the wash water tank and then used for the initial wash in the next wash cycle.

Preparation of tanks for storage of working solutions of detergents is carried out using dosing pumps.
Dosing pumps are also used to maintain a predetermined concentration of the cleaning solution during the washing process.
The control system controls the time, temperature and concentration of cleaning and disinfecting solutions using an electrical conductivity sensor.
Each pneumatic valve has a feedback sensor – its condition is constantly monitored: if the signal to open is made, but in fact the valve remains in the closed state, the washing process will pause, the operator will receive an alarm message on the panel. After the breakdown is fixed, you will be asked to continue further or start over.
The presence of a vibration-type level switch eliminates overflows in containers with washing solutions, and also allows you to cut off foam formations that occur during alkali circulation.
The program has six washing recipes, each of which is configured depending on the needs of production.
All washing parameters – temperature, time and concentration – are archived for further analysis and accounting.


The visualization of the process is presented on the Operator Panel in the form of an animated mnemonic diagram – the movement of cleaning solutions, water is shown, and it is also indicated:
– position of pneumatic valves — open/closed/emergency,
– operation of the cleaning solution supply pump – operation / rest / accident,
– operation of the cleaning solution return pump – operation / rest / accident,
– temperature and concentration values – current and set,
– indications of the flow switch – there is a flow / no flow,
– volume of liquids in tanks – numerical value and animation.

The washing process is displayed in stages, showing the time intervals for each stage, as well as the total washing time and the amount of time remaining until the end of the entire washing cycle.

The end of the washing process is indicated by a light signal and an audible buzzer for 30 seconds.