Cheese production

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Cheese producers
The cheese maker is designed for milk coagulation, clot cutting to obtain cheese grains of the required size, their additional heating to the required temperature before “drying” and feeding for further technological processing.

Cheese manufacturer
Type: closed, open;
– horizontal
– vertical

Bottom shape:
– conical
– flat
– combined
• Tank with insulation and jacket;
• Motor – reducer with frequency control and reverse rotation;
• Lira – mixers;
• Hatch with a protective lattice;
• Washing heads;
• Lighting 24 V;
• Rack for a cheese maker;
• Temperature and level sensors;
• Serum separation module;
• pH meter;
• Valves for supply, discharge of products (pneumatic, manual);
• Service area for a cheese manufacturer;
• System of “soft” heating (heat exchanger, valves, pump);
• Automated control system.

Capacity, LDimenssions, mm
length, mmwidth, mmheight, mm

Whey separator

The screening drum is designed for the initial screening of whey from the cheese grain coming from the cheese manufacturer.


Dimenssions, LxWxH, mm2000х660х1420
Pump output, m3/h15
Product entry Н=1120Du 80-100
Power, kW2,25
Voltage, V/Gz220-380/50
Exit height from floor, mm850


Cheese press

Tunnel press for 24, 48 and 72 heads

Linear automatic press

Press on two trolleys:

The press is used for pressing the cheese mass after the cheese maker during its preparation for the next processing in the shaping unit. The press is made according to the specific technology for the production of cheese. It can be used for block pressing and other semi-hard and hard cheeses.


Leight, mm1510
Weight, mm1254
Height, mm1664
Operating pressure, Мра<0,6
Condensed air consumption (0,6 Мра), Nl/stroke28
Pressure per likogram of cheese mass, kg4

Press trolley

Unit for thermomechanical processing of cheese mass
Unit for thermomechanical processing of cheese mass for cheeses Suluguni, Mozzarella, Kashkaval, Twist, Pletenka, etc.


Productivity, heads/h4060
Dimenssions, LxWxH, mm2300х950х21002650х1010х2150
Machine weight, kg530650
Power, kW1,62,0
Maximum steam pressure, МРа0,070,07
Steam consumption, kg/h8090


Cheese disinfection and drying


Cheese disinfection and drying machine
Material AISI 304 “SB”= W 1.4301 = EN X5CrNi18-10
– productivity: 50 ÷ 250 pieces/h.
(depending on product size)
– installed power: Р = 12.0 kW;
— coolant steam: 8.0 bar;
– maximum dimensions of the cheese head: ø 400 x 190 mm;
– motor-reducer “Lenze” with honest control for controlling the speed of the conveyor;
– dimensions :
• length: 7 800 mm;
• width: 1 770 mm;
• height: 2070 mm;
– bathtubs V = 600 l. – 4 pieces;
– pumps (washing) – 3 pieces;
– fan (for drying with warm air);
– temperature sensor Pt 100 – 2 pcs;
– temperature controller – 2 pcs;
– motor-valve for steam supply – 2 pcs;
— el. Remote Control.

Smoking cabins

  Universal smoking cabin is designed for smoking (hot, cold), drying and heat treatment of food products. The entire heat treatment process is automated. The control module allows you to set up to 99 processes for the production of cheese, processed cheese, fish, sausage and meat products. In order to reduce losses during smoking and cooking of the product, a certain humidity is set on the automatic control system.

  The circulation system ensures uniform distribution of temperature and air-smoke mixture throughout the chamber volume, as a result, it guarantees uniform temperature distribution inside the product and obtaining a uniform smoking color throughout the chamber, which allows achieving the maximum desired effect.


Smoking cabin specifications:

Cabin TypeDimenssions, mm
length, mmwidth, mmheight, mm
  1 cart10841400 2500
 2 carts211414002500
 3 carts314414002500
 4 carts423814002500