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Microbiological composition:
Bifidobacterium complex (bifidobacteria)
Streptococcus salivarius sp. thermophilus
Lactobacillus delbrueckii sp bulgaricus (bulgarian stick)

Gloomy and cold weather affects not only our mood, but also our health. The body’s defenses weaken, and as a result, cases of colds and flu become more frequent. How to help the body not get sick?

Healthy lifestyle and healthy eating

To strengthen the immune system, you need to introduce exercises into your daily routine, limit alcohol and smoking, take more time to rest, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink six to eight glasses of water a day, and add amazingly tasty and healthy bio-yogurts to your diet. Medicine has confirmed that with the regular use of bio-yogurt, digestion improves. And, as you know, about 70% of the cells of the immune system are in the intestines. This healthy fermented milk drink is made from milk and enriched with lacto- and bifidobacteria. These are real orderlies of the stomach and intestines: they suppress the reproduction of harmful microbes and even some viruses. Therefore, feel free to drink bio-yogurts – this is the key to reliable protection against diseases!

Have a cold? Get well soon!

If you still caught a cold, then bioyogurts will help in this case too. After all, according to the latest research by American and European scientists, bioyogurts help reduce flu symptoms: fever, cough and nasal congestion. In addition, with the daily use of at least one glass of bio-yogurt, the duration of the disease will be reduced by 30-35%.

You can order in the online store