Starting the dispenser in a PET bottle with a twist

Budget option for small businesses to expand product range

Designed for bottling (packaging and dosing) such products as milk, yogurt, sour cream, etc. in consumer packaging. Any consumer packaging necessary for packaging (bottles, cans, etc.) can be used as packaging material.

Material of parts in contact with the product: food grade stainless steel. steel AISI 304

Basic configuration:

The frame of the bottling unit with the control cabinet

Position group of volumetric type

Last drop cut-off valve (pneumatic)

Pneumatic control pedal

Overall dimensions:

Dispenser 600x600x1530mm; weight 75 kg.

Dose adjustment range, from 200 to 1000ml

Consumption of compressed air no more than 80 l/min

Dosage error % ±1.5