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Norton Antivirus Review

Norton Anti-virus is a area of the Norton family of computer security products. The solution identifies malware using autographs and heuristics. It also involves e-mail unsolicited mail filtering and phishing coverage. The free sample offers one-year prevention of any new viruses. Is actually available for Glass windows and Macintosh computers. It could possibly protect your computer from all kinds of attacks. It really is available in many languages, including English.

Norton’s website offers a community page can be. The user’s interface is clean and easy to navigate. Aside from the knowledge base, the forums deliver small videos and help in solving problems. Various issues could be solved through these guides and a friendly community exists on the site. Throughout the trial period, the consumer can also check the free sample. It’s recommended that users download the demo version to check it before you make a purchase.

The question mark icon in the home page lists common tasks and enables users to watch the guided travel again. Additionally, it has a conversation icon, which in turn helps users leave reviews. The cog icon allows users rewatch the video. The other two icons are a list of most loved apps and features. They’re ideal for enhancing the safety of their accounts. The conversation icon allows users to send messages to other customers. There are many solutions to customize the user interface.